NYC by way of Rome & NH

I grew up in Italy, escaped N.H. and toughened up on the streets of NYC. 

While my friends were interning as doctors and lawyers, I was bartending and managing successful restaurants in New York. I even had stakes in a few. A regular at one of the restaurants I managed was an award-winning copywriter, and we got to talking one day. He invited me to his agency and gave me a couple of small assignments. He then suggested I take some copy courses at SVA. I took his advice. A year later I had a portfolio.

Despite most people not understanding why I left the food biz or what the heck I now did for a living, I kept improving my skills as a writer, even taking up writing short fiction. I don’t know which are harder to please, food critics or creative directors. In my experience, both find it rather difficult to part with praise, which is neither here nor there.


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